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Strategic Thinking

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Develop a new way of thinking, these strategic frameworks will give you tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Video 1: Situation Analysis. This strategic thinking approach will enable you to analyze any situation that you need to move forward on of a personal or professional nature.

The approach is widely used globally by leading business schools and military academies like Sandhurst and West Point

When you share your analysis with others they will understand the environment and see a clearly defined aim and all key factors and logical deductions leading to the advantages and disadvantages of several courses open with your thorough consideration leading to a clear plan of action

This approach ensures that you do not prejudge or make a decision until deliberately turning over all the stones and considering a wide range of options

Video 2: Gap Analysis.This approach is very good for aligning a team and getting shared ownership on the way forward after considering what’s working, what’s not working and the gaps we need to address to reach the desired future outcome.

Having identified the gaps, a structured approach for addressing them as well as alignment of the main goals of each department with the future vision is used 

The approach helps to foster collaboration and move people out of silos

Video 3: SWOT. SWOT should be used on a regular basis to have a good look at what you are doing and what you need to do differently to improve and ensure differentiation and sustainability for the future. Used alongside of PESTLE ( political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental)  considerations as well as Porters Five Forces ( competitors, suppliers, buyers, new entrants and substitutes) it ensure a thorough external and internal view on the state of health of the business

The approach also includes a structured framework for actioning objectives

Video 4: Decision Making. The approach helps you consider the extent to which you need to involve others in the process depending on the type of decision being made

With a clear understanding of the environment in which the decision needs to be made the approach then ensures clarity on information required to make an informed decision as well as guiding criteria and the implications for main stakeholders leading to the choice of the best option with a plan for taking it forward

Video 5: Blue Ocean. The approach is centred on persuing differentiation and lower costs simultaneously. It reaches out to capture uncontested market space. Blue Ocean focuses on eliminating low impact values and creating high impact customer values at a low cost that makes it affordable and accessible to the mass market. The approach includes 8 main parts that flow in a logical order

Video 6: Future Think Business Model. This simple but extremely effective model will sharpen your thinking of the “nuts and bolts” of your business and what differentiates and makes your business sustainable in the future

Video 7: Future Think. 5 Ways of thinking into the future. The 5 Frameworks in this video will help you think of things that are lost sight of or not seen because of undue focus on the present without regard for the future

Video 8: Areas of Growth Potential. As the values and needs of customers across the diversity of all ages and cultures and backgrounds and experience evolve, so those needs drive main areas of growth potential across the globe. Organizations that ignore these changes will get left behind in the dynamic fast changing world that we live in

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