Develop better communication skills, become a greater influencer and master public speaking.


Learn to
Communicate Better

One of the most important skills in life is to know how to communicate clearly and effectively. A vital skill to master your success.

Learn to
Influence Your Peers

Master your environment and learn how to lead and manage people effectively. Become an influential figure in your organization.

Learn to
Master Public Speaking

Learn how to master the art of storytelling. Learn key skills on how to effectively communicate in public environments and inspire people today. 

Here's What You'll Get

By taking this course today, you'll get all the skills you need to communicate effectively, sell better and engage with your peers. It's a proven blueprint... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you'll find success.

Video 1: How to develop great listening skills

Listening. Listening is the cornerstone of good communication. When you listen to understand rather than listen to reply you make the other person feel respected and valued and they open up and communicate transparently with you. This video will show you how to develop your listening skills

Video 2: How to ask questions for clarity and understanding

Questioning: Questioning goes hand in hand with listening.  When you ask questions to get clarity on what the other person means it empowers them and makes them feel that you value their views. It helps others to thinkcreatively and allow deep understanding of what has been said. This video will help you develop strong questioning skills

Video 3: How to ask for feedback.

Asking for feedback: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” One of the best ways of learning and growing and improving is to ask for feedback from others. When you do this on a regular basis, you become aware of how you are perceived by others and this presents you with the opportunity of doing something to further improve

Video 4: How to give feedback

Giving feedback: When you offer feedback with good intention and with specific facts, you allow others to non-defensively accept the feedback and act on it with ownership because they want to improve

Video 5: How to influence desired outcomes

Influencing outcomes:This simple but very effective 5- part framework will enable you to clearly and concisely influence any desired outcome. The power of this approach is that you influence outcomes with the help of others rather than trying to do everything yourself

Video 6: How to adapt your style to get the best out of others

Adapting your style:  This three- part framework will enable you to get people to go the extra mile and do things because they want to, and will allow them to enjoy the work environment and give of their best while having fun and learning and feeling empowered and motivated

Video 7: How to remove toxic thoughts:

Removing toxic behaviors: Our thoughts drive our attitudes and behaviors and reactions in different situations. If you think positively you will get a positive outcome and if you think negatively you will get a negative outcome.  This video will enable you to consciously replace toxic thoughts with positive ones. It will enable you to trigger positive thinking in the spur of the moment and make this your choice to do so

Video 8: How to be in flow

Being in flow: Being in flow allows you to be present and focused and relaxed and calm and enjoying the situation and unstressed. It allows you to adapt effortlessly to changing situations.  This video shows you how to be in flow and be at your best

Video 9: How to talk in public with impact

Talking in public: Many of us are bit uncomfortable and lack confidence when talking in public. Public speaking in a personal and professional context is a critical skill and is a central part of developing an engaging style of communicating. This video simplifies the process of public speaking with clearly defined steps to enable you to talk in public with passion and ownership

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