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Engage and Communicate

Develop better communication skills, become a greater influencer and master public speaking.

Strategic Thinking

Learn how to think strategically, make better decisions and prepare your organization or business for the future. 

How to be a Good CEO

Develop better self awareness, find the right leadership style to create a successful business or organization.

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Doug Lambert, Executive Business Coach

Dubai based executive coach, Doug Lambert, has more than 18 years of Board level experience, more than 4000 hours of business coaching and the privilege of coaching more than 300 senior executives in over 70 companies. He brings his unique Middle East business and coaching experience to you online.


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At this stage of his life and career Doug Lambert can now bring his personal touch that has been impactful to so many CEO's right to you and your organization. Scalable and impactful, find the right online solution to bring a successful transformation within your company


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